Tú eliges el proyecto, nosotros lo hacemos volar.

You choose the project, we'll make it fly.

At ARGOS Flying Projects, S.L. we develop cost-effective aerial projects using drones to perform tasks that would otherwise require expensive  the use of expensive conventional aircraft with their respective crew and fuel consumptionPerseo and Clouds. Drone applications are endless and cross many commercial and thematic boundaries, even some we haven't thouht of yet.

Fully equipped with cameras, probes or any other instumentation, we can fly our unmanned aerial vehicles (drones, UAVs, RPAs) just a few meters over the ground or high above the white fluffy clouds. Its mission -once there- depends upon you and your requirements: what do you need?, some full HD aerial pictures of land earmarked for future urban planning?, or maybe you wish a promotional video about your hotel that you could upload to your website to dazzle all visitors and improve your bussiness this coming summer? At ARGOS Flying Projects we do not just take stunning images, we also give them a stylish and professional finish! Besides, as well as capturing images from up above, we also obtain geophysical and atmospheric data of everything from pressure or temparature at the baseline of a cumulunimbus cloud to seismic activity at the edge of a volcano's caldera.

In the Projects section of this web site, you will find details of our main services and the products we offer prospective clients. We call them that way: projects. They are a significant sample of what we do BUT they are merely the tip of the iceberg. If you have any ideas that you consider suitable for an aerial task, we feel confident our drones can do it. Just let us know your suggestion or ask us if you have any doubts. We'll be delighted to deal with the nuts and bolts of putting your project on the right course!.

First flight NCbeach

From the Wright brothers at North Carolina beach in the winter of 1902
to the drones flying today over Castelldefels and Gavà's beach dunes controlled by ARGOS Flying Projects.
From wood and cloth in those epical beginnings to the lightest carbon fibreglass and electronics used today in modern drones.