Tú eliges el proyecto, nosotros lo hacemos volar.

You choose the project, we'll make it fly.

How do we do it? The way everything should be done: with love and devotion!

We like our job and we feel a passion for it. We know we are the company’s main resource, and we are trained and educated to deliver professional product the customer will feel proud of. Like any other worker, we depend upon our tools and that's why in ARGOS Flying Projects we keep on top of all the latest technology, constantly analyzing, designing, and perfecting our drones and instrumentation.


The many advances made over the last decade in the fields of aeronautics and automation have allowed us to design our aircraft with the right instrumentation for any specific service the customer may require. In our line of work, we need to adapt on the fly. Inertial measurement systems, accelerometers, FPV (First Person View) systems, OSD (On Screen Display) and so many more advanced technologies mean you’ll get a ringside seat as you watch us working and flying. In fact, wherever we go, you'll see a whole bunch of people looking up at the sky. If you wish to know where we are currently working, please check the "Who we do it for" menu in this same website.

Under the menu Showroom you'll find some samples of our work, which demonstrates the way we prepare our material. Here at Argos, we want you to be pleased with the finish on the final product.