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At ARGOS Flying Projects we deliver different aerial services by using unmanned aircrafts (drones, UAVs, UASs, RPAs,...) all with the best quality and at a much lower cost than using conventional manned aircrafts for those same tasks. See for yourself!, explore our Projects and do not forget to visit our Showroom!

NoticiasWith ARGOS, the sky was never so near! Call or contact us any time! 

Bird's eye view

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Bird's eye view is just what it says, to see like only birds can see. A top-down perspective of whatever you wish and for whatever you want it for: be it bussiness promotion, urban or landscape planning or an impressive video report about the city's marathon this year. You will be astonished!


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Atmosphere is a project committed to science and scientific research. From ambient recordings to geophysical observations, even archeology!, the truth comes out when you look at it from above, because our drones and their probes will reach and measure where you cannot.

Eye in the sky

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An Eye in the sky to watch every little thing that happens down below on planet Earth -that's what this project is about, based on aerial surveillance and its endless applications, from all-terrain search and rescue operations to forest fire-watching, not to mention private security applications.

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